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Having benefitted from gifted and efficient personnel and purchase research offices located in the Europe and Asia, we have been able to maintain an established relationship with acting companies in the construction industry and to obtain the best material and equipment with the best competitive prices.

Having penetrated the European and Asian markets, our offices in London, Dubai, and Turkey have succeeded to get precious information about the production and prices of the pioneer companies in this industry on daily basis. They constantly maintain their relationship and are aware of stock exchange as well.

Our experts not only have been able to be pioneer in importing the goods, but also have exported part of domestic production to the international markets and the neighboring countries as a result of maintaining professional business relations.
Enjoying a large group of the builders of luxurious Iranian projects, we are so fast in introducing new products, marketing, and domestic sale.

As one of the biggest providers of constructional material and equipment, we are quite active in Iranian market and have been able to be cooperative in small and large projects.

As a constructor, we are working on great projects in Tehran and some northern towns of Iran. And that has made a large group of other constructors follow our projects and use the material and equipment we have applied in our buildings in theirs.

Now, a vast spectrum of luxurious constructors is among our customers.


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