Tejarat Omran Mihan Sabz
MS Co.

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Commodity :

Importing constructional goods such as valves, cabinets, and parquet as a business partner or exclusive agent of the European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium.



- Providing the European companies with domestic marketing plans
- Researching national market for the European manufacturers
- Introducing the new products of foreign companies in Iran (on the condition that
  they are standardized)
- Making arrangements with the foreign manufacturers for the arrival of their
  products in Iranian market by themselves.
- Advertising and marketing plans for the European manufacturers.
- Simultaneous marketing and advertising plans in Iran and expenditure list.
- Meeting arrangements for the foreign manufacturers and the national ones either in
  Iran or abroad.
- Consulting Iranian companies to get a foreign agency.
- Finding Iranian merchants’ required products in foreign markets.
- Preparing business plans for the Iranian businessmen.
- Providing Iranian companies with marketing plans.
- Consulting Iranian companies on LC affairs.
- Arranging meeting schedules for the Iranian merchants and foreign companies
  either in Iran or abroad.
- Negotiating with foreign companies to help Iranian businessmen get an exclusive


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