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- Zafaranieh Garden Complex


Link: http://zafaraniehgarden.com/index.php

Details :
- A land area of ​​6,500 square meters.
- Easy accessibility and away from heavy traffic urban area with a good climate and
   large old trees in the architectural design, it is best to preserve it.
- Occupancy level of 30% for the 16-story building.
- 70% of the Earth's surface has a large yard that healthy road (walking) with old
   trees and earth pass away Tuesday versatile tennis volleyball, basketball, Bower
   has been designed.
- Apartments in three blocks of 60 units, 4 bedroom apartments and 3 and 4 bedroom
  apartments of 215 to 380 m and 5 * 450 m and 6 * 550 to 700 meters, 5 and 6
  bedroom apartments are designed with exclusive suites.
- Concrete frame and joinery services and tile and flooring and kitchen faucets and
   switch and a European level is used.

Services :
- Providing lobby input by 6 meters height.
- Multi-purpose party hall, conference hall and film .
- Security systems,TV control 24h yards and points of entry and Condominium .
- Into the courtyard of the old building into a restaurant and coffee shop or
   restaurant to serve in the apartment, preferably using organic food .
- Providing the perfect place to sleep for the workers responsible for cleaning the
   inside of condominiums and apartments .
- Automatic car wash cars for residents .
- Six-unit elevators for 13 to 18 person .
- Prediction of providing at least 2 parking per apartment .
- Specific and general storeroom.
- Four units Emergency Stairs.


Installation :
Designers and builders of the honors project the correct pattern, 5 star hotel service and service level, and the use of modern technology in order to lower the monthly charge is as follows:
Central heating and cooling systems, intelligent control systems, power, gas and water Softener Installation, Installation of emergency generator systems, plumbing systems, water supply for both water supply and sanitation of water for irrigation of green mountains, pollution-free system municipal wastewater, drinking water plumbing systems, electrical systems, and the intelligent Condominium Apartments and fresh air systems, using solar energy to power condominiums, double glazed windows and ensure compliance with code 19 .

Athletic :
Road Health (walking), Tuesday-purpose pitch for tennis and volleyball and basketball, squash courts, gym and aerobics, billiards room, massage room and relax, with a length of 16 meters swimming pool, pool for children, sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzi .

Delivery time to customers:
First faze in March 2013
Final faze in summer 2013





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